John MacKinnon

Expert Level 1 Krav Maga Instructor

With backgrounds in Kickboxing and Filipino Kali, John started training in Krav Maga 8 years ago. Progressing quickly through the system as a student, he passed the KMG General Instructors Course (GIC) in May 2012 and now holds the rank of Expert Level 1.

John is a fully certified Strength Matters Kettlebell Instructor having completed the notorious Strength Matters Swing Test (200 single handed kettlebell swings in 10 minutes with a 32kg bell) in London in September 2015.

He has a keen interest in nutrition and is a fully certified nutrition coach having completed Dr John Berardi’s highly regarded Precision Nutrition Coaching Program.

With a strong focus on striking and conditioning as well as the technical aspects of Krav Maga, John’s classes are hard work but a lot of fun. One Dynamics member recently burned over 1200 calories in one class!

John lives in Paisley and when not swinging kettlebells, training in Krav Maga or prepping highly nutritious meals, he likes to watch movies and boxsets, dabble in web design and read about nutrition and strength training.